I have worked as a teaching fellow (teaching assistant) on the following Harvard college courses, which span a variety of topics relating to the politics of advanced democracies:

  • Government 20: Foundations of Comparative Politics, with Steve Levitsky (Fall 2018)

  • Government 1190: The Politics of Europe, with Daniel Ziblatt (Spring 2019)

  • Government 1270: Government and Politics of Modern Japan, with Daniel Smith (Fall 2019)

  • General Education 1052: Race in a Polarized America, with Jennifer Hochschild (Spring 2020)

I have also advised two undergraduate theses in Social Studies (AY 2019/20 & AY 2021/22). The first was about innovation in health policy in the U.K. and Ecuador, and the second explored the effects of declining membership on union organising in the United States.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, I was the graduate advisor for the Center for European Studies' secondary concentration in European History, Politics, and Societies (EHPS).